We know you have tons of questions, so hopefully we have answered them below. Please email us at info@adventuredrives.com if you have any additional questions.

What is included with my entry fee?

Your Entry fee will always include a complete experience for 2 participants in 1 vehicle (vehicle not included).  All hotels, meals, parking, park entries, track time, gift bag, professional photos, tolls, transporting your luggage, and experiences.  A non-refundable deposit is due upon sign up of any Adventure Drives event.  You have the option to pay in full at the time of sign up or to pay the balance 30 days prior to the event.

I booked by I can’t make it. What now?

Your deposit and any additional payments can be transferred to any of our other trips. We aren’t going to keep your money and not give you any value for it. Just contact us and we will gladly move your spot to another trip.

I know a guy who knows a guy. Do you have any discounts?

We will sometimes offer discounts if you choose to opt out of certain experiences along the trip. Other than that, our prices are non-negotiable.

What is not included with my entry fee?

We do not include transportation to the start and finish for you, your passenger or your car. In addition, you will be responsible for your own fuel. We are happy to help arrange any of those for you. Please email concierge@adventuredrives.com for details.

What if I have mechanical issues during the drive or break down?

We will do our best to help. We will be providing phone numbers and emails for you to contact during the drive.

Is this a race? Are there prizes?

No. Absolutely not. We are not a rally. It’s a road trip through some of the most amazing roads on the planet. There are no time cards, or prizes for getting anywhere first. Enjoy the roads, but if you go too fast, you might miss some of the amazing sights. We promise there will be way too many spectacular things to see to speed past and not stop.

Will there be celebrities?

Yes, hopefully you!  The only guarantee is there will be a bunch of people with the shared love of cars, driving, and travel. People will come from all different walks of life, but there will be plenty of things to talk about with each other.

What type of food, hotels and experiences can I expect?

We’ll announce the hotels in advance and plan to offer multiple delicious dining options each night. Hotels are all going to be memorable and selected from the top offerings in each destination.

Do I have to have a ultra exotic car to join you?

Absolutely not, but please do realize that we will be going on all sorts of roads. A sports car of some sort is recommended but not required. Fun roads require a fun car, choose whatever mode of transportation you will find most enjoyable. We can also help you rent almost any type of car for a complete package. Just let us know what you are looking for!

Do I have to apply to join the drive?

Space is always limited to help preserve the experience. We generally will be able to accommodate you, but a majority of our trips sell out. Due to the nature of our drives, we reserve the right to refuse participation for a various numbers of reasons. If we find we are not the right fit, we will fully refund your deposit.

So it seems like you published the route and the hotels. Can I just drive along side of you and pay for my hotels?

While we cant stop you from following us on the public roads, we will have areas and sections closed to participants of the drive. In addition, there are many unpublished parts to the trip. We will be making sure to ensure our participants have an exclusive experience. Please feel free to stop by and say hello on any of the public portions of our drive. Also follow us in Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to keep up to date on meet and greets that will be open to the public.

What makes us different from other organized driving events?

We’ve all had great experiences doing events like the Gumball 3000, Goldrush Rally, Bullrun, etc. However we are filling a different segment of the marketplace. There are lots of car lovers that are not into the flash, competitive driving, long distances, and late night parties that are the draw of the glamorous road rallies. We are filling that segment and providing the best offering possible to those looking for a luxury road trip experience.

This all sounds great, why so cheap?

First simply because we enjoy doing this stuff. Secondly, we intend on Adventure Drives to be the premier auto experience company in the world, in order to do some are not looking to profit off the participants but rather provide great experiences and an incredible value for your money. In doing so we expect to gather a great group of people and have a very in demand product that will generate a lot of buzz in the car world.  The spectacle will have a tremendous media reach which will continuously provide our sponsors with the feedback and return beyond what they are looking for. So happy sponsors will in turn keep our lights on and cover our rent payments. We factored our pricing based off of direct costs, plus 20% just in case we underestimated costs as is usually the case.  Thats fair and offers an unparalleled experience at a fraction of the price that you would find at any for profit company.

Do I have to do all the events / stops?

No, this is why we are different. We give you the route ahead of time. Want to plan your own mini adventure before the final stop for the night, please do. Just know we have some amazing things planned so you probably want to stick to the route.

What if the event doesn’t happen?

Oh its on like Donkey Kong. Wether its 10 cars or 50, you can add this to your list of certainties with death and taxes.

I can’t find a co-pilot. Can you help?

No worries we have a crop of excellent co-pilots who would love to join you for the ride. Don’t get your hopes up as fun and spectacular as they may be they will have their own rooms, and will carry their own luggage! email info@advendturedrives.com if you are in need of a co-pilot and he’ll try to link you up with someone with similar interests.

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